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Bruce Hutchison, Monaco Resident

More fun than people watching at the Cafe de Paris on Casino Square, this authentic tale of the highlife (and lowlife!) in the most famous square mile in the world takes you behind the facades of Monaco and into the lives of people who call this place home.


Sudi Pigott, food & travel journalist / best-selling author of How to be a Better Foodie

Wickedly good fun and eminently quaffable escapism, yet with serious undertones and literary references.


Countess A. Tolstoy

This debut novel is a highly amusing and well written portrayal of the characters, glamour and lavish lifestyles of Monte Carlo.  It is at the same time an eloquent, engaging and playful read leaving you wanting to know more; reaffirming that Monaco really is a sunny place for shady people!


Shula Klinger , author, Kingdom of Strange

Humour drier than a Jacob's cracker. It's as if Jane Austen had honed her wit in the 2020s. 


Books by Bindu

‘All in Monte Carlo’ is a hilarious romp through the small principality of Monaco and definitely shows the underhand and manipulative ways of its residents! I always thought that the Julia Styles TV show ‘Riveria’ was over the top but maybe not based on this book. It has been co-written by four residents of Monaco and is based on true events! I have always wanted to go to the south of France and I love fashion so I was living vicariously through the book's characters. I don't tend to read this type of crime novel but I thoroughly enjoyed this one and the light-hearted and cynical take on life made for a captivating read!

The four main characters all managed to have very distinct voices and my favourite two were stoic Scottish Barbara, the HNW businesswoman from Aberdeen and the antithesis of her was Abigail who was the most grounded but had the least amount of money in a town which is all about money!

I flew through this book in one sitting and was entranced but the tales and exploits of these women and the selfish men they found themselves being surrounded by. It really rammed home that money doesn't actually make you happy, it just causes different problems! The themes of growth and redemption feature for all the characters. Hopefully, this is the start of a series as I would love to return to this world!

Let me know if you pick this one up! 


Just one more chapter book blog

All in Monte Carlo follows four women, Abigail, Polina, Barbara and Lucinda. They have all been betrayed, so they decide to form a book club with a rather dubious motive.  They use the book club as a cover up and between them they plot revenge.  The question is, can they pull it off? This book will have you turning the pages to find out!

This is a highly entertaining book that exposes the juiciest of secrets of Monaco with its glamorous setting and flamboyant characters. It will have you laughing and shaking your head in disbelief at the same time. This novel is cleverly plotted and darkly funny. Revenge is always a page turner and this one comes with a book-club twist. The characters are very different and even if you don’t necessarily like them or their actions, you do find yourself rooting for them plus there are some unexpected outcomes.  

All in Monte Carlo is a funny story, of friendships, relationships, girl power and lots and lots of money.  It is an entertaining account of excessive wealth and the extravagant lifestyles of a bunch of friends and a plan that comes together to settle scores and seek revenge. It is a beautifully written satirical novel with a clever, well-paced plot.  A brilliant novel that I highly recommend.



Review Thick and Thin

Anna Shilling’s “All In Monte Carlo” invites readers into the opulent world of Monaco, where champagne flows as freely as revenge in this cheeky and entertaining tale of four women seeking justice, or perhaps just a bit of chaos, in the lap of luxury.

Set against the glittering backdrop of Monaco, Shilling provides a glimpse into the lives of the world’s wealthiest and most enigmatic individuals. The narrative unfolds around four women, each with their own unique story of betrayal and a shared desire for retribution. The author skillfully weaves together their tales, creating a delightful and engaging narrative that balances humor with the darker undertones of revenge.

The charm of “All In Monte Carlo” lies in its ability to blend the outrageous personalities of Monaco’s elite with relatable characters seeking redemption. Shilling introduces readers to a world where private jets deliver Chanel suits, breakfast is served to socialites in prison cells, and Gucci-clad women orchestrate daring burglaries. The juxtaposition of high society antics with the down-to-earth desires of the protagonists adds depth and intrigue to the story.

The formation of a book club as a cover for the women’s revenge plots adds a layer of wit and cleverness to the narrative. The book club serves as both a backdrop for their clandestine activities and a source of camaraderie as they navigate the challenges of revenge gone awry. Shilling’s exploration of the complexities of revenge, friendship, and the unpredictability of life keeps the story engaging and unpredictable.

The characters in “All In Monte Carlo” are well-crafted, each bringing their own flair to the tale. The author presents four distinct personalities, making them relatable and endearing even in their pursuit of revenge. The camaraderie among the women adds a heartwarming touch to the story, balancing the extravagant lifestyle with genuine human connection.

Shilling’s writing style is lively and filled with humor, making the novel an enjoyable read from start to finish. The author’s ability to capture the essence of Monte Carlo’s glamorous and sometimes absurd lifestyle adds authenticity to the narrative. The inclusion of Patrick Knowles, a renowned UK illustrator, for the book cover further enhances the overall visual appeal of the novel.

In conclusion, “All In Monte Carlo” is a delightful romp through the glitzy and unpredictable world of Monaco, where revenge is served with a side of champagne. Anna Shilling’s storytelling prowess, combined with the perfect blend of humor, glamour, and relatable characters, makes this novel a standout in the realm of escapism and entertainment. For readers seeking a lighthearted and engaging tale of revenge, friendship, and the unexpected, “All In Monte Carlo” is a sure bet. 


Kallia Null

“All in Monte Carlo” takes readers on a thrilling ride through the world of Monte Carlo, where four women with tales of betrayal, form a secret book club to settle scores.

The narrative captures the essence of revenge and the women's exploits, dressed in stolen Gucci, adding a layer of mystery to their quest for retribution.

The book navigates Monaco, where stolen moments are valuable, whilst exposing the superficiality that embraces the lavish lifestyle. All in Monte Carlo, leaves readers captivated, wondering the fine line between revenge and redemption.

The author's observations of Monaco's eccentricities make this tale of femme fatales an unforgettable journey through the world's rich , serving revenge with style and unexpected twists.


Nicki's book blog

A fun read about the jet set of Monte Carlo. How the other half live! Monte Carlo is full of people wanting to impress in every way possible. £30,000 for a bottle of brandy isn't unheard of in this tongue in cheek tale. Think “ the real housewives of Monte Carlo” but not! There is betrayal and subterfuge, and beneath the banner of a book club there is plotting going on as a small group of women have had enough. However planning doesn’t stay on course and the women have to think on their feet- something they aren't quite used to.

A book to be taken lightly and one with a smile but apparently based on true events!. Of the ups and downs of the millionaire lifestyle. This would make a good holiday read, one to bring a laugh. A book that is slightly bonkers, possibly how not to be aspirational and that money doesn't make anyone happy but may provide the ways and means. A different, crazy read.



This is a fun and delightful read which is enhanced by being based on real events!

It follows a group to four women in Monaco who set up a book club as cover to get back at men who have wronged them.

It is fast paced and told through multiple POVs. This really enhanced my enjoyment of the story.

As someone who had been to Monaco, it was so fun to read a story set there. It really made me reminisce about the amazing time I had and what a wonderful and beautiful place it is! It is the perfect opulent, full of wealth setting for this story.

All the characters are well developed, likeable and believable. I would love to see them in further literary adventures.

This is fab boujee adventure and I really hope to hear more about these characters.



With the beautifully extravagant backdrop of Monaco, four women finally reach the end of their tether with the men in their lives. As Monaco is an overtly patriarchal society with men ruling everything, women often fall foul of the laws that protect the men they are connected to. When pushed beyond their limits, these women decide to create a Book Club to provide a cover story as they hatch their plans for revenge. It gives them an innocent reason to meet while they pretend to read The Count of Monte Cristo. They each take turns to assist their fellow book clubbers in bringing about the downfall of the man who has wronged them. Abigail has work troubles with her boss Hank. Polina is having money issues with her boyfriend Dimitri. Lucinda is wronged by her husband Leo. Barbara has a good-for-nothing son-in-law trying to scam her for €100 million.

While the four intriguing, independent, and fabulously attired women plot their revenge they must continue to navigate their everyday world of superyachts, playboy billionaires, cocktail parties, designer brands and pampered pooches in the decadent surroundings of Monte Carlo. Just when they have a handle on what they need to enact their plans, they are forced to contend with the Russian mafia, the local police and two Gucci-clad femme fatales stealing from high-end homes that are thrown into the mix.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 This was entirely entertaining, laugh-out-loud hilarious and thought-provoking at times. It has a strong women empowerment message and I loved how each of the very different women came together to combine their resources/talents for the betterment of each other. This is based on true events so Monte Carlo must be a crazy place to live with these shenanigans going on. There were plenty of twists and turns, thrilling intrigue and spoiled doggies throughout. It has everything a perfectly plotted revenge thriller should have and more. I even shouted when Leo sent a particular message to Lucinda about her dog, if you read it you will understand. The Gall! Highly recommend.


Samantha Hillas KC, ‘the Duchess of Divorce’ (Legal 500 2023)

All in Monte Carlo follows the exhilarating highs and lows of the lives and loves of four very different women living in Monaco. Their capers may seem far-fetched but it’s clear the characters and plot are extremely well researched and reflective of the principality itself, where – literally – anything goes.

After being betrayed, abused and let down royally by the men in their lives, a doughty female foursome join forces to exact revenge in the most Monegasque ways possible. Whilst one level the novel has a lot in common with the very best of the ‘chick lit’ genre – designer clothes, beautiful people, high-end art and jewellery – it has a dark heart. It does not flinch from exposing the more shadowy side of Monaco: you’re never far from drugs, prostitution, fraud and murder, to say nothing (from the UK perspective at least) of unfair and patriarchal divorce laws. Even the protagonists we are rooting for have their (very) dark sides.

Without giving away any plot spoilers, the way in which the various characters and plot lines come together in this must-read book leads to a massively enjoyable and rewarding dénouement, as well as just the hint of a sequel. All in all, it is a hugely entertaining read which will tell you all you need to know about love, Monaco and revenge.

This is a joyous book: a lot of fun and a fabulous read. Five stars.

Revenge with designer labels

Yeadons of Banchory

If you love a tale of revenge and designer labels, with a cute dog or two, this glimpse into the life of the Monaco elite is for you. A Strangers on a Train-esque plot combined with the champagne lifestyle, although these ladies are much more private jet than passenger train. 

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