All in Monte Carlo

Four women, four ways to revenge…

A Monaco insider reveals what life is like in the world's richest and most secretive enclave, where revenge is best served with a glass of champagne.

Wedged between Southern France and the Mediterranean Sea, the miniature principality of Monaco is a place for aspiration, for comic extremes and for outrageous personalities. Where a businesswoman gets her favourite Chanel suit flown in by private jet. Where Hôtel de Paris serves breakfast to a drunken socialite in a prison cell. Where two Gucci-clad women are behind a string of burglaries.

Against a backdrop of cocktails on superyachts, looking fabulous and feeling empty, this tongue-in-cheek tale revolves around four women who meet by chance in Monte Carlo. After sharing their tales of betrayal, they set up a book club as a cover while they settle each other’s scores. But revenge, like life, doesn’t always go to plan…

Book club
Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is the central district in Monaco — a sovereign city-state situated along the French Riviera. Here are five curious facts about this principality: 

1) Smaller than New York’s Central Park, Monaco is the second-smallest country in the world.  

2) Dubbed a billionaires’ playground, Monaco is home to over 12,000 millionaires (equating to almost one in three residents). 

3) There’s a policeman for every 70 residents.

4) The GDP per capita is the highest in the world.

5) The world’s most expensive real estate per square metre is found here.